My name is Abigail, and I'm going to help make your application essay unforgettable

Where to start?

I don't know where to start.

It happens to the best of us. I offer video-chat consultations to help you brainstorm, outline, and get started writing your draft.

Help with draft

I have a draft already ... but I want it to sparkle.

No problem. My editing service includes proofreading, editing for higher-order issues like clarity and organization, and written feedback on your content.

Full Service

This entire process is overwhelming. Help!

For clients who want expert support from start to finish, I offer a full-service package that includes unlimited edits and consultations.

Why Work With Me?

My writing career started when I graduated cum laude
from Harvard College in 2012, where I concentrated
in English.
I completed my MFA in nonfiction writing at the
University of Pittsburgh in August 2018, and I've
spent ten years helping clients get into their
top-choice schools.

I believe in storytelling's power to move admissions officers and help them see your story in the best possible light.That belief is based on results: My clients have earned admission to Stanford, Yale, Princeton, MIT, Caltech, UChicago, Columbia, Brown, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and other top universities.

Thanks to Abigail, I have been accepted into Stanford and Yale! Beyond giving spot-on feedback and providing specific edits, Abigail inspires me to find my authentic voice in my essays and helps me translate my thoughts into eloquent words. If you work with Abigail, there's no doubt that she will make your application essays stand out and be unique to you. She is sincere, supportive, responsible, and readily available to help. I would 100% recommend Abigail for anyone applying to colleges or looking to polish their writing skills!

- Christy W., Stanford University

Having Abigail as an editor is simply the best feeling. She's someone who will not only understand your most esoteric puns and literary references but even comes up with suggestions or improvements in the most unexpected of situations. You can rely on her as an adept, creative mind; as a trustworthy, experienced editor; or even just a second voice when you're faced with a difficult decision. Whether it's polishing essays or advising you on critical writing decisions, choosing Abigail makes the college application process a whole lot less stressful, and you can be sure you're putting out the best version of yourself possible.


I have been accepted to my dream school, Yale, with the help of Abigail Lind. She is like a mind reader who edits your paper to write it in your own voice, but better. Sometimes I feel she knows what I meant to say better than I ever did. With full certification from Harvard, she is easily reached and readily available for you. If I were ever to apply to anything serious again, and I am sure I will, I will ask for her help.

- Jaeyeon Y., Yale University

The college application writing process was so much less daunting with Abigail's help! I received timely feedback on how to better express myself and my ideas. Abigail also did an amazing job of helping me brainstorm ideas for my essays. Thanks to her help, I am excited to be attending Brown University. I definitely recommend Abigail to anyone in the college application process.

- Yannie L., Brown University

If you go to anyone other than Abigail, you are doing yourself a disservice! She is extremely helpful, kind, patient, and honest. Thanks to her creativity and editing skills, I got into my top choice school. Thanks Abigail!

- Paulina S., University of Pennsylvania

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you write my essay for me?

This is not a ghostwriting service. I offer professional support and insight that will make the writing process much easier for you—but you'll still need to be an active participant and write your own drafts.

I'm applying to 10 schools. Can I have a discount on your services?

I offer bulk discounts on a case-by-case basis. To discuss it further, please email me with details about your situation, including your materials' approximate word count.You might also consider my all-inclusive service, which includes unlimited edits, consultations, and advice on as many applications as you care to submit.

Do you edit resumes and cover letters? What about scholarship / fellowship essays?

Yes! Shoot me an email to discuss rates.

What about other content not related to admissions?

I have experience with content marketing, web copy writing, business proposals, and much more. Check out my LinkedIn profile for a complete overview of my experience.

Can you call me to discuss my project?

I do client intake by email and will be happy to answer all your questions there. Expect a fast reply! Due to high demand, I no longer do unpaid phone calls. There are two exceptions to this rule:1) You've already paid for a project and a phone call is included in the fee (I will tell you if this is the case).2) You are considering purchasing my three-month bootcamp for college admissions.If neither of these describe you and you want to speak with me on the phone, you must pay my consultation rate of $225 USD per 55-minute session.

I don't see my question here.

Reach out at


Zoom / Phone Consultation

Zoom and phone consultations cost $225 USD and go for up to 55 minutes. This service is available to clients who do not yet have complete essay drafts. I can help you:
- Break through writer's block and come up with a topic
- Determine which life experiences will make the best material
- Boil down a long set of thoughts into a concise, powerful narrative
- Produce an outline
- Get your first paragraphs onto paper

Personal Statement / Statement of Purpose Editing

This service is for clients who have complete essay drafts. My service includes:
- Proofreading for spelling, grammar, and punctuation
- Editing for organization, clarity, and content
- A written critique with suggestions for further improvement
- A free review of a second draft
My rate is $200 per page (12pt type, Arial or Times New Roman, 1-inch margins), with discounts available for 5 pages or more.

Resume and Cover Letter Review

I edit existing resumes as well as write them from scratch. I also work on cover letters. Please email your draft to for a personalized quote.

Privacy Policy

This site includes a quote calculator that collects your name and email address if you choose to submit them. In addition, IP addresses may be logged. Your data may be used to contact you, and it will never be shared with third parties.

Privacy Policy

This site includes a form that collects your name and email address if you choose to submit them. In addition, IP addresses may be logged. Your data may be used to contact you, and it will never be shared with third parties.